“Success isn’t permanent and failure isn’t fatal”
Mike Ditka

Writing about business

Mergers and acquisitions, trademarks, emerging and existing technologies, customer and employee retention; if it happens in business, I’ve likely written about it.

Writing about business requires me to quickly familiarize myself with the topic, the trends, the goals, and the players. Next, I ask the most probing, most direct questions to draw out the best, most revealing answers. And only then, I share the information with you, crafting interesting, relevant, and meaningful articles and stories so the readers understands fully the message I am delivering.

It helps that my personal list of contacts includes many cell numbers for key CEOs and news makers. Usually, they return my calls. Always, I get answers.

Please have a read for yourself. If you need me to help you get your message out so that it is accurately received, just call. I will tell you if I can help you, or if I cannot.

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