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Writing on design and decor

I love decor and design. I get a certain type of rush when I find a new artist, or that perfect side table, or even the exact right table linens at the exact right time. The same is true when choosing colour, placing decorative items, or buying new furniture, which I do a bit too often.

If you are anything like me, you find absolutely joy in exploring thrift stores or an online store for a perfect bespoke object that would go so well right…there.

I’ve been fortunate to have a home where I can indulge my creative side in my decor, and I play, often, with all the goodies that find their ways into every nook and cranny, all deliciously highlighted by the ever-changing views from our lovely vantage point (most of the view photographs on this website are from our upper deck).

I’m lucky, too, in that I’ve been able to write about design and decor. It’s my pleasure to share some of my work here.

Published Work

To Serve and Harmonize – BC Business

An Open and Shut Case – BC Home

Off the Wall – BC Home

The Essential Orange – BC Home

The Practical Laundry Room – BC Home

Sound and Vision – BC Home