I’m Corey of @CoreyTheWriter

My Twitter profile is accurate: journalist, dog fanatic, word lover, handbag enthusiast, culinarian, domela. The order may change, but these are things I hold dear. However, most of you are here for my words.

I write.

I write magazine articles, web sites, executive messages (ghostwrite), and political missives. I craft Facebook posts and cunning tweets. My writing is persuasive, emotional, evocative, compelling and, at times, funny. The same has been said about me.

I create and edit two magazines, both for regulated professions. In addition to being all those things I said above, I’m also fairly bright, and have a keen sense of regulatory and legal matters. That’s probably why I sit (and have sat) on a number of regulatory bodies. It’s also probably why I can write for and about regulatory matters without losing my mind.

But I have lost 100 pounds. Not surprisingly it wasn’t easy or particularly quick, but it was a journey I am still on, and I am occasionally asked to speak about obesity to groups who can influence and shape the world for those who are obese. Having said that, I can also say public-speaking terrifies me.

So let’s get back to words. Poke around my site and see what I have written. If you’d like to hire me to write for you, I’m happy to have a conversation about the possibilities.