Creative Non-Fiction

Writing what’s in my head

Despite my keen legal reasoning and writing, my business acumen, and my big, soft heart for dogs and animal welfare, my head is filled with curiosities and ideas. Oftentimes I see stories streaming through my mind complete with beginnings, middles, and ends. For me, it’s like watching a movie.

I write down what I see. Many times, when I think about all the boring and mundane or even the odd and exciting things that happen in my life, I will mentally change one detail, and my imagination soars.

I take my fiction writing seriously, as I do my creative non-fiction. My CNF story The Family Room, which I wrote about my 13-year-old self learning that my mom was going to die, was long-listed in a writing competition with The Malahat Review.

Published CNF Work

Lady Luck – Vancouver Review

Armed and Scared – Vancouver Review