Blog – July 07, 2020

July 07, 2020

I had hoped this would be wittier, warmer, livelier, longer, but in the interest of time (in other words, getting this web site live and out there), I only want to say ‘welcome.’ I’m glad you’ve arrived here at my web site, specifically on my blog.

I plan to write about whatever is bewitching, bothering, or bewildering me on any given day. My plan, again, is to write often.

And it won’t be just me writing – I also invite you to write. To react. To share. To have your say. But since this is my blog, I will have final say and comments will be vetted prior to publication. This doesn’t mean I won’t publish you if I disagree; it does mean, however, that I won’t publish you if you are really rude, totally offensive, or rattling on about nothing, unless, of course, the writing is brilliant.

Have fun here, be good, and please be kind to animals. Thanks.